onsdag den 3. september 2014

“The Hosts”
A new performance work by British artist Serena Korda, Sydhavn Station 7.30pm as part of the “How to…” exhibition.
Featuring Sandy Smith, Rasmus Knutzen Nielsen, Mattias Peter Hans Tommila, Johan Grann, Peter Følsgaard, Aske Høier Olsen and Michael Richardt.
With music by Terkel Nørgaard
6 men in their underwear with 6 giant eggs will occupy the concourse of Sydhavn Station to perform a fertility rite to the beat of a drum. 
Serena Korda’s work often adopts theatrical renderings of animal symbolism and folklore to explore our fear of the unknown and how we deal with this fear through mimicry, humour and ritual.  In this new performance work Korda has been inspired by the parasitic behaviour of the cuckoo, who lays its eggs in a ‘host’ birds nest and leaves its young to hatch and destroy the hosts eggs. This ensures its survival, so that it alone can be nurtured by the ‘host’, that is unless the host is not tricked by its mimicry.

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